Our partner Finenergy is an international brand, it contains the experiences of people and companies operating in the energy sector for over thirty years.

Finenergy was born because energy
it is not for everyone but it is for everyone.

The founders of Finenergy have invested capital and resources on the national and international territory in market and product research, analyzing all the technical, economic and energy aspects of the main industrial and tertiary activities.
This placed Finenergy immediately, in a position of reference for national and international customers and investors, through the industrial companies connected to it.
The competitive scenario, with which companies today must measure themselves, is characterized by an evolved and geographically extended market; Finenengy gives a precise and direct response linked to the technical and operational skills of the ruling class with university excellence and to the presence on the territory with branches and production companies.
The Group’s activities are divided into the sectors of design and construction of electrical and thermal production plants, powered by renewable sources. Electrical distribution networks.


Producing energy today has never been easier and more convenient.Thanks to the reduction of costs, solar (photovoltaic) energy production systems are the solution to the economic problems related to energy in our country.Finenergy provides assistance and advice for everything related to the design,


Producing energy today has never been easier and more convenient. Thanks to state incentives (Italy) for small plants below 200Kwe, renewable energy production systems from biomass are the solution to the energy problems of our country. Finenergy provides assistance and consultancy for everything re


Hydroelectric energy can be considered a derivative form of solar energy, as it is closely linked to the regime of precipitation, the ablation of glaciers and in general the water cycle.From a physical point of view, this technology uses the potential energy of water which, when converted into kinet


Wind energy means the extraction of wind kinetic energy for the production of mechanical or electrical energy. During the day the air above the seas and lakes remains colder than the air above the earth, mainly due to the fact that the water "absorbs" the solar heat in the lower layers, on the mainl